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A community of people in Austin, Texas who enjoy AcroYoga, acro balancing, adagio, partner yoga, and Thai massage.
Our purpose is to play, grow, and have fun, in a safe, supportive, harmonious environment. We value building trust, passion, commitment, respect, healthy communication, and a positive vision for Acro Yoga in Austin.

Post your pictures to our "Austin Acro Balancing & Acro Yoga" page on FaceBook!

Note: While many people in our community have taken offical AcroYoga classes and workshops with certified AcroYoga instructors, we welcome a sharing of fun and skills from people using other names for this wonderful art, of which the collective parts have been around for many centuries. The "AcroYoga" trademark belongs to the folks at AcroYoga.org. Their "Flight Manual" has a wealth of information and is a great resource. I suggest that you buy one. This is a not-for-profit fan-site and is not sponsored, certified, or endorsed by AcroYoga.